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Lighting Design & Free Consultancy

Our company offers you complete technical solutions for LED Lighting Installations. We provide our customers with free consultation and analysis of your lighting system. Optica Lighting will help you determine the best solutions for replacing your existing lights with the very latest LED technology. Therefore, any technical problem that would require a custom solution which may show up during the installation can be addressed first hand.

Our analysis can provide insights to how much you can save in the years to come. Additionally, at the time of inspection, we will be able to determine rebates and other savings that your company might qualify for. Our Sales specialists can also determine which lighting design might be best suited for your facility.

LED Products & Sales

We provide the very latest in LED Technology products. We have products that work in virtually any environment and any application. Most all of our products come with an industry leading 10-year warranty. We can ship anywhere in the USA.

LED Lighting System Installation

We can fully install any LED Lighting System – an undertaking we handle with the greatest care and precision, in order to ensure that the switch to LEDs is as effortlessly and fast as possible for you. Our LED Lighting systems are mounted by qualified and trained teams whereby an authorized expert supervises the installation, verifying the safety of the process. Our team has helped a broad spectrum of companies switch to a more sustainable & efficient lighting – our specialists possess the skills to contribute to the success of every project.

Service, Lighting Inspection & Maintenance

We stand behind our products and our work and will respond to any of your needs even after the project has been completed. Our team is prompt in answering requests and finding solutions, reassuring you that the LED installations work appropriately. In order to keep the lighting systems functional at all times, we provide the necessary maintenance. You will always be able to call us for service and warranty issues, as well as further modifications, updates, and advice.

— Check-ups, Inspections

— Periodical Updates

— Service and Repairs

— Warranty Claims

Service, Lighting Inspection & Maintenance

Optica will find the right products and design an implementation plan that meets your needs, including a “buy as you save” type program to implement in phases. Within a few months, your cash flow from the initial LED phase can be used to pay for further purchases, which only accelerate the savings.

— We handle all paperwork with utilities for rebates

— We do lighting layouts to ensure best lighting

— We do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’ll do it!

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Sport Facilities






Street Lights

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