MidWest Fasteners

Quick Facts

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Project Overview

Midwest Fastener is a family-owned company based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  In early 2015, Midwest Fastener was planning a new, state-of-the-art fastener distribution center in a renovated Toole Army Depot facility, and wanted to optimize lighting, while maximizing savings and environmental friendliness.  

Optica analyzed lighting requirements and selected high bay fixtures which provided great lighting, and paired them with programmable occupancy sensors to significantly improve the savings.  Optica handled all rebate paperwork and arranged to have Rocky Mountain Power cover 30% of the project costs.

Optica Lighting found top notch LED technology at a fantastic price.

The Results

Optica delamped the facility, providing 152 modern, low-wattage high-bay fixtures which provide fantastic lighting, while thousands of dollars a year in electricity and maintenance costs.  The bright, non-flickering, daylight illumination increased employee happiness and productivity.

Optical handled the entire project, from design, rebate coordination, and installation, while also performing significant electrical repairs and remodeling.

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