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Annual Electricity Saved


Utility Rebate as % of Project


ROI: Return on Investment


Net Present Value


Project Overview

Greencore Group is a leading international manufacturer of convenience foods with a strong interest in sustainability. Optica Lighting worked with Greencore to replace 475 metal halide high-bay and standard fluorescent fixtures with 427 LED high bay and troffer fixtures, controlled by 99 occupancy sensors.

Optica Lighting optimized the lighting design by choosing the lowest-wattage fixtures which still provided great lighting based upon our lighting design analysis. We then handled all of the paperwork with Rocky Mountain Power, enabling Greencore to receive a rebate equal to 80% of the project value, based upon watt reduction and lighting controls.

LED fixtures are well suited for Greencore’s food preparation facilities, due to the lack of fluorescents’ breakable glass and mercury

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The Results

Optica Lighting used their expertise to find the best combination of leading-edge LED technology at a great price, resulting in a return on investment of 65%.

This resulted in better lighting, which resulted in better employee morale and productivity.

The total electricity savings per year are over $40,000 in electricity usage and demand charges, as well as significantly reduced maintenance resulting from the much longer life of the LED fixtures, as compared to the traditional technology. Maintenance savings are estimated at approximately $10,000 per year in labor and materials.

The use of sensors significantly reduced the resultant energy consumption and helped Greencore realize a utility rebate equal to 80% of the project cost.

Together, we eliminated 642,271 kilowatt hours, eliminating the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from over 1 million miles driven by the average passenger vehicle.

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